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It’s Raining…

Yesterday in Sunday School we studied the story of Noah. It is so easy today to look at the world around us and feel that things are so evil and ugly, and we easily become disheartened. In the time of Noah “…every inclination of the thoughts of the human heart was only evil all the time” Genesis 6:5. The only thing in the human hearts were evil- pretty strong words. Thankfully America is not that wicked… yet.

It's raining...

It’s raining…

Noah was… “Righteous and blameless… among the people of his time, and he walked faithfully with God” Genesis 6:9. As we fight in this battle over the heart of this country, we need to remember we must have strong reliance on God.  Without Him as our anchor, we are just driftwood.

The will of God was made known to Noah. God told Noah what he was to do, build an ark. We are called to live according to the will of God. God may not tell us exactly what we are supposed to do, but He lays burdens on our hearts. Some of us can feel the weight of our burden’s, they are bigger than we are. Like Noah, we don’t always understand, but we have to step out on in faith- even if things don’t make sense. Study His Word and walk your life with God lighting your path.

We can get distracted at the world around us. Noah was building his ark and everyone called him crazy. Noah knew that those that did not believe him would drown; he informed those around him of the dangers and continued to build.

Our government is trying to be the citizen’s “god.”  When things are tough, the government is there to help you. The government will feed you, teach you, and give you everything you need in life. Government wants to be our “god”- but guess what? It will never be big enough to take on that job. As people continue to rely on government instead of God, they will continue to lose themselves and become weaker, and in turn need to rely more on the government.


What can we do? We can step out in faith. Listen to what God lays on our hearts and get to work. Live your life the best you can, and rely on God to help. This is important! God calls people to do impossible things, the only way impossible things are successful is through the reliance of a sovereign God. Build your Ark, even if everyone thinks you’re crazy, build it. Pray for strength and for God to direct your path.

Press Umbrella

Press Umbrella




Big Government Solutions…

My friend posted this picture. Balloon says “Get Well Soon”

Balloon says..."Get Well Soon"

Balloon says…”Get Well Soon”

Government solutions to our problems are as good as putting a “get well soon” balloon on a dead deer. They don’t make sense. Look at Detroit…progressive ideas have made the city go bankrupt.  Look in the high crime cities across the nation, they have been run by progressives for decades! Their ideas don’t work and the poor people, who can’t afford to leave, are the ones that suffer.

Government solutions to our problems are as good as giving a dead deer a "Get Well Soon" Balloon.

Government Solutions

As problems in the United States get bigger so does Government, to solve these problems.  As decades pass the same problems remain and Government is still getting larger. Obamacare is thousands of pages; lawmakers admitted they didn’t know what was in it. Businesses hold tight to their cash and make their full time employees part-time to avoid the giant regulations.  As our problems, or dead deer, start piling across the country, Government tried to fix things and I can’t handle the stench of their failures. When will we learn that big government does not work?  We need to return to the limited government our founding fathers created.

We are America…

Low information voter

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We are America, we changed history, there has been no country like us. When our ancestors saw problems in their daily lives, did they whine about it? No, they did something about it! They worked hard to change things, kept their heads held high, and depended on God.  As champions of liberty it is easy to complain about the injustice, double standards, and odds stacked against us. These facts need to be realized; however they should not encompass our thoughts. What should keep our minds and mouths busy are our thoughts and ideas, how we personally can change our situation. How we personally are going to speak up and stand up for our beliefs.

The price of a free lunch.

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It is refreshing to find individuals who use their talents to spread the conservative message. AF Branco has done just that. With his talents as an artist, he exposes the injustice and double standards in our society.  He is not afraid to show the true socialistic policies of this administration.


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When the media is unfair, instead of complaining every time you read an article, get to know your local paper. These people are hard working and could use help. If you become a great source, do your homework, and back up ideas with facts writers may open their eyes to the truth.

If only people understood what conservatism means, they would be embarrassed to learn that  they are a conservative.  We are fighting a machine in messaging.  There are so many of them and they know exactly what to say. Guess what?  Americans never back down from a challenge, they rise to it.

Light bulb think on your own

Did Edison stop after 1000 failures while trying to create the light bulb? No, he dedicated his talents, worked hard, and succeeded.  We have so many American icons to inspire us!  Get out there and use your talents to change this country. If you fail, at least you can look at yourself in the mirror when it is all over and know that you tried.