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Sweet Dreams…2016 Conservative Dream ticket…

You know you are crazy about the liberty movement… when you design your own pajamas…


At the Mount Pleasant Powwow, Trevor Louden from New Zealand, described the perfect 2016 conservative dream ticket.

President: Ted Cruz
Vice president: Alan West
Secretary of Treasury: Rand Paul
Secretary of Energy: Sarah Palin
Secretary of Labor: Scott Walker
Secy. of Commerce: Herman Cain
Secy. of State: John Bolton
Ambassador to the U.N.: No one
Secy. of Health and Human Services: Dr. Ben Carson
Attorney General: Mark Levin
Secretary of Education: David Barton
Everybody gets something.

Trevor encouraged Ted Cruz, to not only announce he is running, but to show his full hand, lay out the army of conservaitves that would stand behind him. I think the idea is ingenious.

So put on your liberty pajamas and dream…

Mt. Pleasant Michigan Grassroots Powwow 2014

This was my second Powwow and I loved it, even better than my first, which was hard to top! When you are in the tea party movement there is nothing better than getting around 400 activist that are just as passionate as you are.
Michigan tea party powwow 2014

I am going to be posting on this event for weeks to come. The speakers were inspiring and it was encouraging to see individual groups from across the state of Michigan forming relationships.

Progressives...Rewriting History since 1933

Progressives…Rewriting History since 1933

I mean where else can you find a Constitution Quest Game distributor, wearing a shirt about progressives rewriting history? If you have pictures of this event please email them to I would love to post them!