Monthly Archives: April 2014

by Joe Horacek

Lately I have been so jealous of graphic designers. Great work!!!

Dan Johnson- Tea Party Powwow Mt. Pleasant Michigan

My favorite speaker was from the 2014 Powwow was Dan Johnson from PANDA.
Dan Johnson
To say that this guy was full of passion would be an understatement. He not only overflowed with knowledge of how the NDAA is stripping away our rights, but his personality was so animated I was waiting for him to take flight.

(here is a video of Dan at a Ron Paul festival)

Tea Party events always invigorate me. It was encouraging to see Dan’s passion. We are in a battle for our nation, where the enemy wants to make us feel alone and powerless. Speakers like Dan remind me that we are on the winning side and our side is not going to sit by and watch our liberties be stripped away!