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78: How Christians Can Save America…

I just finished 78: How Christians Can Save America by Peter Heck and it is a must read! In the last few years I have been reading more books than I ever have in my life. The passion to restore America to it’s rightful foundations, has turned into a hunger to fill my mind with knowledge, insight from fellow patriots, and history. This is one of those books that is on my top ten list. Peter Heck’s book 78 places responsibility for the deterioration of the nation, precisely where it belongs, with the Christian’s in America. The premise of the book is that 78% of Americans claim to be Christians, however they are letting our nation be hi-jacked by the progressive left.

Peter was a featured speaker at the last tea party conference that I attended, after reading this book I am kicking myself, for not asking him sign the copy I bought!

Peter Heck

Peter points out that we passively sit by, while our children are taught in the public schools, that they are a product of the “big bang” accidental creation of the universe. Why are we surprised when millions of babies are aborted, young people are killing classmates at a whim, when the public school is teaching students that there is no moral anchor to our existence. Our nation’s new religion is moral relativism, sadly everyone doing right in their own eyes is a distortive path, look at what happened when Hitler did what was right in his own eyes. Peter Heck questions how can man be evolving, when we as a society go from Andy Griffith to Peter Griffin?

If you are involved in the liberty movement, or are interested in getting started, I strongly suggest this book. 78 focuses on Christians, as individuals, and reminds us we need to be strong in our own lives if we are going to make any difference in this broken world. Rightly so, Peter stresses the importance of bottom up restoration, first within ourselves, than in our surrounding fields of influences. Many Americans are put off by the mounting problems within our society, remember you can make the biggest impact within your own community. Get involved in your public schools, and as Peter suggest, don’t retreat from the public schools, surge the system with conservatives to change the tide. Become a precinct delegate within you party and work together with like-minded patriots to change the parties from within. Make sure the church you attend is not afraid to teach the Truth of the gospel rather than tickling the ears of it’s parishioners.

“For such a time and such as place as this, we’ve been called. Grounded in truth, possessing an unquenchable thirst for answers to the questions that actually matter, and motivated by an eternal conviction that will not be exhausted or extinguished, we understand the times. To the 78, we now know what we must do.” Heck, Peter 78: How Christians can Save America p.255.


cost of liberty

SO…Now is the time. We will soon find out if people believe this statement or not. If you do believe it, are you acting like you believe it? Are you standing and getting involved, trying in whatever way you can, to save our freedom and liberty for the next generation? If not, it’s time to get to work!


Is this how weak American have become? Cartoon Source… Hashtag War?