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Peter Konetchy…

I know, I know, another post on Peter Konetchy… It is so hard for me not to share videos on Peter Konetchy. Finally a candidate that I can vote for on August 5th and I can still sleep at night with peace in my soul. It is so refreshing to hear a candidate champion the constitution without apologizing in the next sentence.

For years I have been dreaming of a candidate that would think principles were more important than power…Peter Konetchy has made my dreams come true. I have been going door to door and it has been a pleasure to brag about a candidate that is going to fight to return power to the states and the people of this great country.

This afternoon, while campaigning, I was bragging about how Pete knew the constitution like the back of his hand, sadly this primary voter was turned off when I said constitution…What are we becoming as a nation if voters are turned off when a candidate is dedicated to protecting the constitution? It is a good day in American when we don’t have to pick the better of two evils, we have a third choose, we have someone that says, “I want to get the Federal Government out of your life!”

4th District Congressional Debate: between Peter Konetchy and John Moolenaar

Michigan 4th Congressional Debate on July 8, 2014 from the Wilson Auditorium in St. Johns, Michigan between Peter Konetchy and John Moolenaar and moderated by Michael Wager.

Paul Mitchell was unable to participate because a family medical emergency.

Thank you to all who made this debate possible! After watching the debate it solidifies my decision to support Peter Konetchy. If you feel the same please donate, he is a true grassroots candidate and is campaigning against the establishment machine.

Here is an interesting article about Paul Mitchell and who he has donated to in the past.

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