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Secret property search in Michigan…

Michigan pig farmer, Mark Baker has his property search without warrant in the state of Michigan. We need your to help spread the word. Attention needs to be brought to this story please share and post everywhere.

We have been following the Mark Baker story for years and thought that after the state had deemed his pigs legal they would leave him along…wrong!

bakers green acres

Excerpt from a local liberty group We The People of Mid-Michigan- The final straw:   A delivery was made to Baker’s Green Acres during this same week.  The farmer making the delivery asked Mark if the whole dilemma he was involved with the State, the pigs, etc. had been resolved.  Mark just chuckled and said, “yeah, I guess so.”  He said he was relieved and that he had something he had been wanting to tell Mark for months.  Seems that one of those really frigid days this past winter, February time frame, this man came to make a delivery when no one was home. However, there were two snowmobiles parked out by the barns, driven up from the back of the property, belonging to two DNR officers armed to the teeth LOOKING THROUGH MARK’S BARNS and headed to the house when this man pulled in with his truck!  They intimidated this poor man so badly he kept his mouth shut for months until he thought the situation had been resolved.  How is this sitting with you?  Imagine pulling into your driveway and finding someone from the government going through your things?  Life, Liberty, Property . . . those things are guaranteed to us, but obviously no longer in the state of Michigan.

dietrich bonhoeffer final

Please make this story go viral we need to shed a light on how our constitutional rights are being eroded before it’s too late!