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Is this how weak American have become? Cartoon Source… Hashtag War?

On Ice 590 LI 2

Global Warming scientist come face to face with the truth cartoon source.

Sometimes while reading the news you just have to laugh. Global Warming Scientist ship stuck in anarchic ice, do you think they noted the incident or brushed it off as a coincident?

As regular readers of “the news,” you will no doubt already know that sometimes, you just can’t make this stuff up.

Case in point: A ship full of “global warmists” heads off on an expedition to Antarctica to prove that the ice shelf there is melting so fast that every beachfront house in the world will soon be swept away by a massive tsunami.

But instead of finding a sad polar bear stuck on a tiny ice sheet, the adventurers found their ship stuck — in ice.

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NSA unconsitional

NSA unconstitutional…Sometimes I feel like it is a compliment to this administration when you say their actions are unconstitutional…Cartoon Source

CBS NEWS REPORTS…December 27, 2013, 3:31 PM| Less than two weeks after a federal judge in Washington said the NSA’s collection of phone records is almost certainly unconstitutional, a federal judge in New York said it is legal, writing that it “represents the government’s counter-punch to terrorism.” Chip Reid reports. Read More

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Duck Dynasty, Twitter Blocks…

Phil Robertson

Cartoon Source

In the latest development in the ongoing culture war surrounding Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson’s controversial remarks on homosexuality, the pro-Robertson website has been flagged on Twitter, prohibiting users from posting messages containing links to the page…according the The Hollywood Reporter.

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UPDATE…According to infowars Twitter has lifted the ban, stating that there was a technical error and that was fixed…Who here believes it was a technical error? Read More