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Defend the Oath…

March 7th, Monday morning 9:30 am, will be the appeals hearing in Lansing. Please come and show support! The bill is for the people and it will only pass if the people support it.

This initiative will be passed directly by the people and added as written into the Michigan Constitution. It will not be subject to legislative review or modification, but all legislators and public servants will be subject to its provisions.

people- defend the oath

The initiative consists of three parts:

(1) Definition of the act “Betraying Your Oath of Office” as: Each instance when a Public Servant betrays their Oath of Office to support provisions within the Federal or State Constitutions by failing to enforce the many specific limitations on usurpation of power by government and failing to secure the People’s God-given rights specifically protected within both Constitutions.

(2) Creation of a People’s Grand Jury, created and operated by the people themselves, totally free from government control, to determine if a public servant has betrayed their of office, or if a rule, law, or regulation being imposed upon the people of Michigan is unconstitutional.

(3) Charges found valid by the People’s Grand Jury will be brought to court to be decided before a jury of the people.

Hearing Dates and Times- People’s initiative to hold government accountable

This initiative will be passed directly by the people and added as written into the Michigan Constitution. It will not be subject to legislative review or modification, but all legislators and public servants will be subject to its provisions.

Every official within this State swears on their sacred honor to support the provisions within the United States and Michigan Constitutions.


Since the Constitution of the United States severely limits federal authority to a few specific functions required for our Union to interact in the world community and repeatedly prohibits Washington from addressing, interfering with, or imposing its will over any aspect of the daily lives of the people or the routine operation of the states, every official within the State of Michigan MUST enforce these limitations on government.



March 3, 2016

On February 22nd, 2016, The People’s Initiative to Hold Government Accountable presented their petition, to the Board of State Canvassers Meeting, in Lansing, MI. This petition is an avenue that will allow residents of Michigan a way to fight back against unconstitutional laws and regulations. Michigan citizens currently have no recourse, other than recall, to respond to unlawful behavior on the part of our public servants. Ironically the board rejected the petition because it was unconstitutional. However, then they refused to point out how or why this petition was unconstitutional?

This rejection is an insult to the citizens of Michigan. All public servants have taken an Oath upon entering office and being paid by the taxpayers of Michigan to uphold and defend the U.S. and Michigan Constitutions. This petition would allow a vote of the people on the November ballot to decide if ignoring or going against the Supreme Law of the Land is a crime. The people of Michigan have the right to petition their government (Bill of Rights, Amendment I., U.S Constitution) and the residents of Michigan have the right to vote on this matter.

Why is this initiative needed? Because for decades our public servants have been negotiating away the rights of both the people and State without authority or repercussions.

In Lansing on Monday, March 7, 2016, at 9:30 a.m. The People’s Initiative to Hold Government Accountable, will present this petition for a second time in hopes of being able to act on their Constitutional right to “petition the Government for a redress of grievances”. The public is invited to witness this event by attending the hearing on Monday which will take place at the State Capitol Building, Room 424.

We can continue to petition, plead, and/or protest with our legislators to do right, but without any means to force their accountability, we leave ourselves at their discretion, their mercy — which has historically been sold to the highest bidder. We’re seen as little more than an irritation to whom they give lip service, but very little else.

We can either fight, plead, or submit. This initiative provides the people the very real means to fight, to force accountability of our public servants. If they betray our trust — they’ll face the wrath of the people and be forced to forfeit any gain they reaped by their betrayal.

The People’s Initiative to Hold Government Accountable

The power under the Constitution will always be in the people. George Washington


Michigan Residents Have Had Enough!!!

Surprise! Surprise! Of course public servants don’t like this petition! Being a Michigan resident I’m excited to see government be held accountable!!!!

Can’t wait to hear more about the Peoples initiative to hold government accountable.

I am tired of watching my rights be trampled daily. I would LOVE for there to be more power for the people and actual consequences if our constitutional rights were violated.

The people have had enough!!!

The people have had enough!!!

Secret property search in Michigan…

Michigan pig farmer, Mark Baker has his property search without warrant in the state of Michigan. We need your to help spread the word. Attention needs to be brought to this story please share and post everywhere.

We have been following the Mark Baker story for years and thought that after the state had deemed his pigs legal they would leave him along…wrong!

bakers green acres

Excerpt from a local liberty group We The People of Mid-Michigan- The final straw:   A delivery was made to Baker’s Green Acres during this same week.  The farmer making the delivery asked Mark if the whole dilemma he was involved with the State, the pigs, etc. had been resolved.  Mark just chuckled and said, “yeah, I guess so.”  He said he was relieved and that he had something he had been wanting to tell Mark for months.  Seems that one of those really frigid days this past winter, February time frame, this man came to make a delivery when no one was home. However, there were two snowmobiles parked out by the barns, driven up from the back of the property, belonging to two DNR officers armed to the teeth LOOKING THROUGH MARK’S BARNS and headed to the house when this man pulled in with his truck!  They intimidated this poor man so badly he kept his mouth shut for months until he thought the situation had been resolved.  How is this sitting with you?  Imagine pulling into your driveway and finding someone from the government going through your things?  Life, Liberty, Property . . . those things are guaranteed to us, but obviously no longer in the state of Michigan.

dietrich bonhoeffer final

Please make this story go viral we need to shed a light on how our constitutional rights are being eroded before it’s too late!


Justice for Caesar…the pot-bellied pig murdered by the DNR

This is Caesar…

The pet pot-bellied pig murdered by the DNR.

The pet pot-bellied pig murdered by the DNR.

A pet pot-bellied pig, who was shot to death by a DNR officer on April 2nd, 2015. Please read this family’s story and share.

Justice for Caesar

Justice for Caesar

Help us avenge our murdered pet and all of those murdered before ours. Here is our story.

Justice for Caesar

Justice for Caesar

On Thursday April 2nd, 2015 our house pet miniature pot bellied pig, Caesar, went missing. My girlfriend Brandy and I, our 3 month old baby boy, our two dogs and our piggy live way out so we were never worried about letting the animals out on our property. Caesar wanders our property and grazes on nice days as happy as can be eating grass and rooting.

Justice for Caesar

Justice for Caesar

We yelled for him and shook a box of cereal (usually food noises get him moving) but nothing. The ground was soft still so we were able to follow his hoof prints down our driveway onto our dirt road.

To our shock and disgust, we found a puddle of blood and short drag mark several feet off of our property line. No piggy though. There were no other animal tracks so we knew he hadnt been attacked. We were clueless so we took to Facebook hoping someone would have information on weather someone might have hit him with a car and taken him to the vet or anything, we were worried sick.

Justice for Caesar

On Friday the 3rd, a Department of Natural Resources officer (game warden, conservation officer, whatever name you want to give him) pulled up and knocked on our door. We figured he had information so with excitement, Brandy answered the door asking if he knew anything about the pig. The man responded “Actually, I am responsible for the missing pig…” Not knowing what he meant, we asked. His answer being, “He came out of the woods at me running at a trotting pace and I felt threatened so I shot and killed him”. Jaws dropped in disbelief, tears and anger flew. Not very nice things were said (as someone would expect when you tell them you just murdered their family pet for no reason at all).

The man then began to change his story to “I was following orders” rather than the lie he first told about Caesar running out of the deep snow woods and charging him. (Caesar was about 15″ tall with legs that are about 6″ long, 30lbs. Not much bigger than a Boston Terrier.. can you see an animal of that geometry charging through the snow or being a threat at all?.. not to mention the man was in his TRUCK! ) So I knew he had no true remorse for what he did. Pulling the trigger without thinking or identifying the target as an officer with 15 years experience. He was several feet off of our property line and right next to a “Safety Zone” sign, also very very close to our house with our family and animals . I asked for his body and he told me that we could not have him and that he is going to be sent to the USDA for testing like a wild rabid animal! We cant even have the poor baby’s body to lay at rest on our property that he loved. I got his superior’s information and had him leave.

Justice for Caesar

Justice for Caesar


As you see we are in a horrible situation. We are begging for the body back so we can lay the poor baby to rest. We have a family pet murdered and no answers. We are contacting attorneys and state officials seeking representation and answers. There are many horror stories out there of pets being wrongfully murdered by people that have no heart and should not have the authority to make that decision. To make a true difference so no one ever has to go through this kind of pain and the poor animals have a fair chance at life, we need as much publicity as possible. We need the right people to see and enough of them so this doesnt get swept under the carpet like so many before. We want to make a different. Doing so is not going to be cheap. We are here asking for funding to help our fight:
-We need to fight to get his body back so we can get our own necropsy (animal autopsy) done so we can prove that he was shot in cold blood and not actually charging him.
-We plan on fighting the Department of Natural Resources and whoever else it takes to get laws changed on these types of things. They need to be held accountable for their own actions. It will not be a short battle, but we are not going to give up.
-We want to ensure that current officers are trained further so they are able to tell the difference between a threat and a pet. We want to fight to get rid of the ideas of free shooting of pigs that they were cruel enough to put into action. (In Marquette County where we live, in the last 4 years, there has been one sighting of a wild pig, and he was causing no trouble. Just being a wild free animal is enough for the DNR to want them all dead. This is not right.)
Attorney costs will start piling up very soon and we need your help to make this difference. Every bit counts. Anything above the attorney costs will be put toward the effort of changing these cruel pointless laws and the retraining of the people put in charge of maintaining our precious outdoors. Change is a necessity.
Please help our cause!
Thank all of you very much for the support.

Share and spread the word!
Justice 4 Caesar

Interesting enough I was at a meeting last week in which a representative from the Attorney General’s office told a group of us on Thursday, that it is the Michigan Attorney General’s job to defend the DNR when it is sued. Being concerned I asked “who defends us?” The response was we need to hire I own attorneys. So tax dollars pay for the DNR to be defended and “We the People” need to help Caesar’s family, because the DNR has an unlimited budget for legal fees. Meet me under the liberty shares this family’s story to shed light on why standing for liberty is important. If we do not stand for others, there will be no one to stand for us!

dietrich bonhoeffer final

Rotten to the Core…

This is what my daughter learned at Jenison Public Schools today. They have an assignment to make a pamphlet to be used to introduce Islam to 3rd graders!!!

Hogwash…DNR VS. A Michigan Farmer…

What happens when your business overnight is deemed illegal?

Full fledge assault of state of Michigan against Mark Baker.

Debut of Hogwash September 15th… Just got my copy in the mail, I am excited to review it.

If you abused your power of office by being unconstitutional,
“We want your jobs!” ~ Mark Baker – Baker’s Green Acres. Watch the trailer

Help support Mark…Baker’s Green Acres

bakers green acres

4th District Congressional Debate: between Peter Konetchy and John Moolenaar

Michigan 4th Congressional Debate on July 8, 2014 from the Wilson Auditorium in St. Johns, Michigan between Peter Konetchy and John Moolenaar and moderated by Michael Wager.

Paul Mitchell was unable to participate because a family medical emergency.

Thank you to all who made this debate possible! After watching the debate it solidifies my decision to support Peter Konetchy. If you feel the same please donate, he is a true grassroots candidate and is campaigning against the establishment machine.

Here is an interesting article about Paul Mitchell and who he has donated to in the past.

More on Michigan’s 4th congressional race here.

Sweet Dreams…2016 Conservative Dream ticket…

You know you are crazy about the liberty movement… when you design your own pajamas…


At the Mount Pleasant Powwow, Trevor Louden from New Zealand, described the perfect 2016 conservative dream ticket.

President: Ted Cruz
Vice president: Alan West
Secretary of Treasury: Rand Paul
Secretary of Energy: Sarah Palin
Secretary of Labor: Scott Walker
Secy. of Commerce: Herman Cain
Secy. of State: John Bolton
Ambassador to the U.N.: No one
Secy. of Health and Human Services: Dr. Ben Carson
Attorney General: Mark Levin
Secretary of Education: David Barton
Everybody gets something.

Trevor encouraged Ted Cruz, to not only announce he is running, but to show his full hand, lay out the army of conservaitves that would stand behind him. I think the idea is ingenious.

So put on your liberty pajamas and dream…