Defend the Oath…

March 7th, Monday morning 9:30 am, will be the appeals hearing in Lansing. Please come and show support! The bill is for the people and it will only pass if the people support it.

This initiative will be passed directly by the people and added as written into the Michigan Constitution. It will not be subject to legislative review or modification, but all legislators and public servants will be subject to its provisions.

people- defend the oath

The initiative consists of three parts:

(1) Definition of the act “Betraying Your Oath of Office” as: Each instance when a Public Servant betrays their Oath of Office to support provisions within the Federal or State Constitutions by failing to enforce the many specific limitations on usurpation of power by government and failing to secure the People’s God-given rights specifically protected within both Constitutions.

(2) Creation of a People’s Grand Jury, created and operated by the people themselves, totally free from government control, to determine if a public servant has betrayed their of office, or if a rule, law, or regulation being imposed upon the people of Michigan is unconstitutional.

(3) Charges found valid by the People’s Grand Jury will be brought to court to be decided before a jury of the people.

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