For our struggle…

Our Struggle..

Our Struggle..

I was trying to look up a quote. I was searching all of my favorite quote pages. I was going crazy! I could not find it. Finally, I just put it into my BING search (no more google for me) and embarrassingly, it was a Bible verse… duh!  Of course the Word of God is full of great principles, and is an excellent guide. So often, we focus on the words of men to inspire us, but we need to remember how God gives us the best inspiration. I encourage you to read your Bible. We need to be the light of the world. As our country continues to drift away from God, we need to have our feet firm in the truth, the truth of God. With a proper foundation we can move forward. If our feet are not firm in the foundation of the truth, when our battles get difficult, it will be very easy to falter and compromise. Stand firm patriots!

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  1. Kurt

    Funny and true story, just about Two weeks ago I shared that very same scripture. Gods affirmation that he is speaking to us. Thanks for sharing

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