Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death

[subscribe2]While surfing the web I found this great piece of art by TRAVOIS GOODS
CO., in fact; it was an inspiration to create this blog. The vintage feel
fooled me! I actually thought it was an old piece being resold, when in fact it
was a new print framed and printed to have a vintage look. I was inspired to
digitize the piece. If you are interested in works of art by this artist check
out Thanks to TRAVOIS GOODS CO for the permission to share!



The artist has intertwined two essential aspects of America. Lady Liberty is created with the powerful quote from Patrick Henry. With this word picture, we can see that without liberty there is no Lady Liberty. Without Lady Liberty, there is nothing that distinguishes us from any other land or civilization. I pray that Lady Liberty will begin to shine brighter!  Unfortunately if she continues to dim, America will be left in the dark.

Inspired to digitize from a vintage artwork

I was inspired to digitize the piece with few alterations to give is a modern feel. Now that they are so close together in this post, my modern one looks like an ugly cousin :)


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