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Why do I constantly hear it is no longer possible for kids to buy themselves a car, or pay for college? Now, as parents, we are told to save up for their car and their college and to invest in their future. I love my child, but I do not think this is what will make him be successful. Kids will just start waiting for help and not try to do things themselves.

When I first planned to talk about this subject, I was going to talk about how I saved for a car and bought it myself, this car was the one that lasted me through college, that I had multiple jobs in college and graduated without paying any interest in student loans. But, it just became a bragging story.



I have a better to story to tell. One of a young man doing what I did 10 years ago. His parents had the money to buy him a car, and gave him everything he wanted. These parents pulled themselves up with their boot straps and wanted to teach their child how to work for what you have. He first earned money by going to his neighbors and detailed their cars. Then he got himself a job he could ride his bike to. Then, this young man worked there after school and homework, weekends, and holidays. He then was hired full-time through the summer. That is when I meet him at my father’s company.
His parents had him pay for the cost of their car insurance increase when he was put on it. Oh that was on an Audi, and a 16 year old on a car like that is not cheap. He pays for what he does on the weekends. He was still able to save and get himself a car.

When I meet this young man and heard his story it made me happy. To know that a kid can still buy a car, and can still save up for college. Only if the parents push them and do not tell them they cannot.

Jolene Vander Ploeg

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