Yum, I Feel Healthy Already…


Cartoon Source. That apple looks delicious! Did Obama throw in a free sample of common core

It is amazing after decades of failed government programs government still believes they are ‘helping’. Newsflash! increasing rules and throwing money at a problem doesn’t make it disappear. Sometimes I feel government needs to go to counseling, of course the psychiatrist would be the American people…entering dreaming scene.

American people: “I know you want to look like you really care about people, but your program will make our problems worse”

Government: “Oh, your small closed mind just can’t understand how great this is! I know history is filled countless examples of the failures of socialist ideas, BUT I know what I am doing, trust me. I am smarter and more caring, I am trying to help you! I just need a trillion more dollars to make this work even better!”

American people: “No more! We will no longer stand by with our mouths closed while you destroy this great country!”

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