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My family and I had a great time on Mackinac Island this weekend at the Republican Leadership Conference.

We attended many events with some of the most influential people in Michigan politics, including the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, Speaker of the House, Senate Majority Leader, and many others.

I could post pictures of the conference of these individuals but, out of no disrespect to them, I am instead posting this one of my 16 year old son and me. He is serving as my assistant campaign manager and did a fantastic job of networking, handing out stickers, putting up signs, and passing out flyers, along with my husband and daughters.

They are the reason why I am doing what I am doing, not for the influential people in power and politics, but for my family, your family, and all of the Michiganders in the 80th District who want a conservative voice at the table representing them.

I pray that our leaders remember that serving as an elected official in America is about servant leadership and not about maintaining power, position, or a huge war chest.

STRONG Families are important to me and are vital to making MichiganSTRONG! I am looking forward to putting these values at the forefront with other leaders that I will be serving with as State Representative, and working hard for the families in my district!

Cindy Gamrat
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More on Cindy Gamrat…After years of focused political involvement in the TEA Party movement and the Republican Party, Cindy Gamrat will be putting her knowledge and experience to work on a run for State Representative.

“I have poured my heart and soul into doing everything possible to protect and promote the values that I hold dear, such as life, liberty, and family.  I have spent hundreds of hours advocating for legislation, volunteering on campaigns, and engaging and educating citizens on our Constitutional freedoms and our nation’s exceptional heritage.  It is now time to take that fight to Lansing to represent those values on behalf of my District”, stated Gamrat.

Gamrat is the founder of two TEA party groups, started Michigan 4 Conservative Senate (MI4CS), and was the Volunteer Coordinator for Gary Glenn for US Senate where she led the effort of an historical all volunteer nominating petition drive.  Gamrat was most recently a running mate to Todd Courser as a candidate for Vice-Chair for the Michigan Republican Party.

Fulton Sheen, former State Representative, remarked, “Cindy is well informed and extremely articulate, but even more important she speaks from her heart.  She knows what she believes and why she believes it; this is why she is able to communicate effectively and motivate people to take action.”

Gamrat is the wife of her high school sweetheart Joe and they have three children. She graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing.  She is currently a stay at home mother, an active volunteer, and homeschools her children.  Cindy Gamrat and her family attends Gracespring Bible Church.

“I love my country and I am concerned about the nation we are leaving behind for our children and grandchildren.  I believe in the fortitude and resilience of the American Spirit and that together we can have an incredible and positive impact on the future of our state and nation.”
said Gamrat.

“I am running for State Representative in the 80th District to lead the way in working together with others in my county and around the state to strengthen Michigan.  A healthy state is built upon free-market enterprise that unleashes the ingenuity and creativity of it’s people, and recognizes that everyone benefits when citizens are the ones who determine where to spend their money instead of the state or federal government.  As a licensed Registered Nurse, I believe that patients and our health care delivery system would benefit from a free market approach to health care which would incentivize lower costs, greater choices, and higher quality of care.”

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