Sorry I know I just posted today, but I saw this cartoon and had to share it! Another awesome conservative cartoon by AF Branco. Ted Cruz
Cartoon source I actually felt myself gagging when I saw this picture.

Ted Cruz stood for the American people for 21 hours! Right after that stand he talked with Rush Limbaugh and stated what we can do to help the effort.
“CRUZ: Sure. Well, look, this week is the week that the Senate will decide. This vote will be Friday or Saturday, and the only reason we got to where we are is because the American people have risen up in incredible numbers. We’ve seen over 1.6 million people sign the national petition at That is why the House voted last week to defund Obamacare. You know, for weeks everyone in Washington said they wouldn’t do it. This would never happen. They would never fight it fight on the continuing resolution.

But the American people rose up in enormous numbers, and so what I would say is, “Listen, at this stage in the fight, the fight is in the people’s hands,” and if we want to change Washington and get Republicans to listen, get Democrats to listen, what has to happen is I would urge every one of your listeners to go to to sign the national petition, number one. Number two, to pick up the phone, call their senators and tell them, “Vote ‘no’ on cloture; stand strong on defunding Obamacare.” From the transcript of the 9-25-13 Rush Limbaugh show

This isn’t theater this is our country! I pray this is not the last stand we see for America! Stand with Ted! The least I can do is follow his suggestion, how about you?

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