The Tale of Two Tea Parties…

Good Afternoon fellow Patriots!

I am sitting in a Laundromat in Lake George because it is the only place I can find Wi-Fi and get some information passed on to you. My cell phone had several messages on it from people who received a rather disturbing email from some former “tea party” folks and some people are obviously distressed. I would like to sort it out for you.

There are two tea parties – the one that you and I belong to, you know “Taxed Enough Already”, and “hold the politician’s feet to the fire” and “No Obamacare”, “NO CAP AND TAX” etc etc. And then there’s the one that some other’s belong to, I like to call it Tea Party Lite, or if the acronym would work it would be TPINO (Tea Party in Name Only). These are the people that once in a great while show up to a meeting if they believe someone important is there, like an elected official, or if there is a huge issue looming in front of us – like Obamacare or if they think they can play some sort of role as a special “liason” between the politician and the rogue hick tea party types like myself.

We have been encouraging principled men and women, tea party folks, and I have actually been praying for God to give to us – a person, or several people who would run for office, become elected, and serve our nation and its people honorably. I can think of at least 10 men – Greg G., Dan M., Dan L., Carl H., Gary M., Rick P., Eugene M., Steve G., Stan M., Barry L., — right off of the top of my head that if they were to say, “I’d like to run for office” that I would work for 24/7 to get them elected. We have such a candidate among us, we have a man who absolutely understands the U.S. Constitution, the way things were intended to work, the beautiful plan that was laid out, and how terribly far away from it we have traveled.

Do you remember when we had Michael Peroutka from the Institute on the Constitution come and present for us back in April? He gave a demonstration about how the Right (the GOP) has consistently moved left in order to be more popular with those in opposition to them. You know, at the end of the day, it’s just great to be friends right? Go ahead Mr. GOP Senator, vote to set up an Obamacare Exchange, vote to take my right to trial by jury away, you’re really nice to me when I see you at your fundraiser and you make me feel just oh, so important. Of course you can have my vote!


This message is to all of you out there who have been in the trenches with me since day one. You know who you are. You have written letters, made phone calls, rode on a bus to Lansing, possibly even D.C., you’ve attended rallies, you’ve gone to meetings in Lansing, you’ve attended hearings for our fellow citizens who are having their Constitutional rights trampled on forcing them into a court of law (very ethical and unbiased too). Where have the people been who now want our votes?

I have walked in and voted for the very last time for someone who has abused their position and political power. I am voting for Peter Konetchy. I have gone door-to-door for him several hours a day, a couple times a week for over a month. I have not answered a single poll. I don’t believe the polls. Remember – the polls in Virginia had Eric Cantor winning too and he lost by 11%!!! We have our own David Brat to vote for . . . Join me in celebrating the fact that we can walk in and vote for one of us. Let’s show Tea Party Lite that tea party activists have guts and tenacity that they can only dream of having . . . When the going gets tough, the tough vote for Pete!

If you are not in U.S. Congressional District #4 but have the opportunity to vote for a principled candidate, do it! Let’s send a powerful message – we cannot be bought anymore!

Listed below are Pete Konetchy’s radio ads running this week. He has a fraction of what Moolenaar or Mitchell have to spend. You won’t get one of those irritating phone calls nor will you receive 2 or 3 mailers in your mailbox from him each day. He is truly campaigning on a shoestring and if you haven’t heard his ads on the radio, you can listen to them here. Also, below that is a letter I received from a fellow tea partier (not a Tea Party Lite) expressing his thoughts on Peter K. I am sending it on as he does not have access to a mass email list like some other former tea party folks do so I will do it for him. Much of the info will do no good today (too late for cottage meetings etc) but his thoughts are good ones. It is the sentiments I have heard repeatedly over the past several weeks and is representative of what “grassroots” attitude and action really means. If anyone else has thoughts that they would like to share, please go to our website and post something there. Pete receives We the People email and also accesses the website so he can go there and read your comments.

Remember – vote Tuesday, August 5. Let’s “cantor” the Establishment!

In Liberty,

Konetchy Radio ads:

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